~ Confucius say: “It is

~ Confucius say: “It is good for girl to meet boy in the park. But it is better for boy to park meat in the girl.”

~ A couple days ago I wrote this big blog entry about the award-winning Maritime musicians who showed up in Hell’s Kitchen on Sunday night with their entourage of black-clad Toronto-looking self-important motherfuckers. But then I decided not to publish it. I thought it was better to let Mister Aluminum Bat do the talking. Suffice to say, I almost quit my job this weekend and I almost went out swinging.

Had a couple days off and loved every minute of it. Then back to work Wednesday night.

Some guy got a little upset because the bouncers wouldn’t let him back in the bar, so he threatened to come back with a bomb and throw it at us and kill us all.

A bouncer was sitting on him outside the door when I left. The cops were just arriving. Guy didn’t look too comfortable. I was laughing as I walked up the street.

It was minus fifteen out.

Bring it on, I don’t care about winter or terrorist threats.