last friday: “fuck this. i

last friday: “fuck this. i gotta quit this place.”

last saturday: “i’m glad we have you down here philip. it’s good to know we can depend on you. i’m going to see about getting you a raise.”

thus proving that situational irony is alive and well on gottingen street.

now in the middle of east coast music awards week and all of its accompanying glitz, glamour, hype and bullshit. i’ll be showing up at the club at 6pm every night and mixing bands until 5 in the morning.

i love you… and i’ll email you on monday.

a/v plays the khyber no-case, saturday 4:30pm.

mp3 of the week: plug speakers into my brain and it would sound like this. fucking beautiful.

just turn it up… turn everything up until it hurts.

~assfactor 4 “deliri-loco” [2MB]
goddamn what happened? i got so distressed. caught up & sleepy but i won’t get depressed. gotta keep my mind because it’s mine. no chickenshit, it’s a waste of time. tired or wired, there’s no in-between. too tired to go to bed and not enough time to sleep.