Jon Hutt’s opening last night

Jon Hutt’s opening last night at the Fire Point Gallery turned into a lovely soiree.

The show is called Demons and it runs for two weeks. Jon gave an excellent talk last night. He started off by saying that he didn’t know much about art technique, but then he proceeded to speak at length about the crazy techniques he uses to get his effects. He makes uses of ink, spray paint, brake fluid, pancake batter, blow torches and other media. His paintings may be soaked, frozen, burned or all three on their way to the gallery walls.

An interview that the famed art critic François Tuti conducted with Mr. Hutt was played back and was quite entertaining.

There was a bit of drama when Agent Crawford from Canada Customs showed up. It seems Mr. Tuti has been having some visa problems. We told Agent Crawford that Mr. Tuti had just left.

“Any idea where he was going?”