It’s Good Friday. The club

It’s Good Friday. The club is closed tonight so I have the night off work. It’s my first Friday night off in ages.

I took the night off last night. I took the night off on Wednesday too.

I’m preparing myself for the day when I simply never go back. See ya!

A friend and I rented a car yesterday and drove to Saint John, New Brunswick. She called in sick. Rock’n’roll road trip! Had an awesome time, took dozens of pictures. Still sorting through ’em.

I visited my parents in Saint John, and my brother & sister-in-law and I got to see my new niece.

Tonight, on this rare Friday night of freedom, we are having a party at the house. We rented a PA system, and I’m going to give an electronic music performance, and so is Geoffrey, and there will be a DJ.

As luck would have it, the thermostat broke downstairs so it’s a mite chilly. Put a few warm bodies in there and it should be all right.

OK gotta go.