“One should always be drunk.”

“One should always be drunk.”
-C. Baudelaire

I haven’t been drunk since March 2002. Tonight I decided it was about time. Annette’s moving out of our house in less than a week; Geoffrey and I have decided to get her drunk every single night before she leaves. (She’s just so sweet when she’s plastered.) Right now it’s 9PM, I’ve had five or six shots of tequila but I’m not really feeling anything, so off I go to the liquor store.

I’m dressed up like a raver, it’s hilarious. I found these phat pants in the basement, and an oversized Ghetto Blaster hoodie (donated by a former resident of Bloomfield House). All I need’s a pair of glowsticks and I’m set. I should probably change before I head out, considering I would probably beat me up if I met me on the sidewalk.

Back in the day, I used to get drunk and write stuff on the Internet all the time. I wonder what happened? Maybe I became too uptight? I need to relax.

One thought on ““One should always be drunk.”

  1. whats this thing stuck to my head. O its my hair hahahahahah. whait no its ALchol YAYAYAYAYAY.
    O crap
    cant reach it. i’ll try and use the keyboardriwdnb mjhbmnjef
    nope didn’t work

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