Welcome back to swordfight.org.

Welcome back to swordfight.org. The site’s been down for a while, so if you emailed me recently and I didn’t write back, please send it again.

Life’s been kind of a mess lately. Earlier this month, the cops showed up at my house on a sunny afternoon, got me out of bed.

Turns out somebody in Saint John had ratted me out over a story I posted, the one about accidentally burning down my teacher Mr. Macenroe’s house when I was a little kid.

So these three cops walked into the house and confiscated my website as part of their investigation. I lost my email account when they took the site, and a few of my friends lost their blogs as well.

I thought I was in a world of shit, frankly, and I was a little worried about what would happen. It was all a long, long time ago; but who knows.

However, Mr. Macenroe was pretty old. He’d retired a long time ago. And last weekend he passed away of a heart attack while he was washing his car in the driveway.

Somebody asked his widow about the arson investigation, and apparently her reply was, quote, “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care.” So the police dropped the case, and on Thursday I was able to go down to the courthouse on Spring Garden Road and get my website back.

So here we are. I was tempted to delete the Mr. Macenroe story but screw it. He’s gone to a better place now, God rest his one-eyed soul.

I thought I’d never see swordfight.org again so I registered brokenglass.ca. I think I’m going to turn brokenglass into a community effort. A gathering place for bad people. Info: brokenATbrokenglassDOTca.

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