Aright, so that headless picture

Aright, so that headless picture of Claudette was a total tease. Here she is again:


She looks quite beautiful, even if she did burst into tears five seconds after I snapped this photo.

Everybody write something for my new site! Pretend you’re the coolest newspaper columnist in the world. Pretend you’re trying to impress me so I’ll offer you a blog on Pretend you’re funny even though you’re morbidly depressed. Pretend Halifax is just a big Lego city that you can rebuild to your liking, and then tell me about the tragedies that take place in this big Lego city that you constructed all over the floor of Bella Muse. I’m here to listen baby!

Today I had lunch at the Mid East Food Centre at the corner of Agricola and North. All I can say is, Yummm Eeeeee. The food’s pretty good too!