Take a few minutes to

Take a few minutes to fill out Coast Weekly’s Best Of Halifax poll. Scroll down to the bottom and fill in “Swordfight Online Empire” as best local website.

(The theory being: you vote for us, we win, we become famous, lots of people want to lay us, and you wind up with lots of fun stories to read when you’re bored at work.)

You have to fill out 25 answers for your votes to count. If you’re stuck, write in “Gerry Hubley” as Best Massage Therapist. Now you only have 23 to go. [Signed, The Committee To Elect Gerald Hubley As Best Massage Therapist.]

I’d like to welcome Mark Black to the Swordfight family. Mark is an old friend who moved to Banff and will be sharing with us the view from the mountain top.

I’d like to welcome Nick to the world of being voted off the island, at least until he decides to update his blog.

I’d like to welcome everyone to the new and vastly improved Swordfight Forum. Climb into the hot tub, there’s room enough for all of you.

One of my roommates put this photo on the bulletin board in the computer room. I’ve been staring at it for months without even really noticing it. It’s a picture of a guy with a Propeller Pale Ale box on his head. Wha?

Whoever can come up with the best caption for this photo wins a Swordfight button.