Go to bed at 5AM

Go to bed at 5AM and the chainsaws start at 8. God damn it.

This waking-up-to-chainsaws business creates a few unpleasant memories for me.

Summer of ’94 I lived on George Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Fredericton was known as “The City Of Stately Elms.”

But in the early ’90s Dutch Elm disease blazed into town, and suddenly the city was searching for a new slogan. Every street used to be a canopy of green, and then there was nothing but stumps and lots of bare naked blue sky.

The sound of chainsaws in the morning is sawing at my nerves.

I can think of one good thing about the blackout, though–no light equals no light pollution. I could look up and see all the stars. When was the last time I looked at stars?

There’s a gap in my backyard sky where the trees used to be. Last night it was perfectly filled by Orion.

Tonight A/V is performing in Moncton with Johnny Epworth. Does anyone in Moncton read this?

Guide me, O Hunter.