Punk rock riot! The Exploited

Punk rock riot! The Exploited had their Montréal show cancelled, so a bunch of punks flipped out and smashed some windows and torched a bunch of cars.

I love the French gutterpunks. “Have you fi-yerrr, unh, PCP, mescaLENN, unh?”

The violence was not limited to Montréal. Apparently a bunch of skinheads broke into the Customs office and poured beer on Wattie’s mohawk and mashed it all down.

And reprisals have been breaking out all across Canada. This afternoon I saw a squeegee kid in an Exploited t-shirt who was hanging out at the corner of Quinpool and Robie.

A Lexus pulled up at the stoplight, and some guy in a suit and tie got out. He went up to the squeegee kid and shouted “Class War!” and then he punched the squeegee kid in the face.

One thought on “Punk rock riot! The Exploited

  1. i was there and (in mtl and it was war!
    i dont have much to say but vive lanarchy et que ces putain de fils de pute brule sous les coup des vrai punk de montreal!!!!!!!!!!

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