A/V is playing Wednesday night,

A/V is playing Wednesday night, Oct. 29 at Salvation (corner of Agricola & West). 10PM, $3. Bring your dancing shoes for a new-wave party!

I was going to put up some posters today but it was raining out and ahhh, I ripped my pants. I hope you will read this and show up at Salvation anyway.

And the final schedule has been posted for the Halifax Pop Explosion.

Note carefully the following time: 11:30PM, Saturday November 1. That is when ColourTV is going to blow the back doors off Hell’s Kitchen.

I’ve been doing the solo thing for so long… it’s been four years since I had a rock band. It takes some getting used to. Having to show up for practice, meet people at specific times. Weird.

I keep showing up late for practices, usually because I’m hanging out with a lady. That’s OK though because this is rock’n’roll and it’s all about sex anyways. If you don’t have the attitude, then no amount of practice is going to make your band interesting.