My little brother turned 30

My little brother turned 30 today. He has a wife and a kid and a house and a car. What do I got? A hangover and a camera full of pictures of naked breasts and penises.

I feel like I’ve drank more in the past week than I have in the past twelve months combined. That’s the lure of free booze for you. Seems like a wave of debauchery has swept over Halifax. I’ve watched a lot of shit going up people’s noses this week, people are getting naked and girls are making out with each other all over the place.

In three days I go back to my parents’ place in Saint John. I’m going to relax and clear my head and probably watch a bunch of television or whatever it is that normal people do at night.

Some funny stories came out of it all but I can’t write right now. I haven’t even eaten yet today so to hell with this computer-webpage-email shit, I’m just going to dump a few photos onto the server and you can sort it out yourself. Ciao.

~ friday night party pics