I was just at a

I was just at a party at LaRue’s, and Claudette was getting a drink and I grabbed her and tried to lift her up to stuff her in the freezer. We started rasslin’ and she bonked her head on the freezer door. I just laughed at her and tried to close the freezer door on her head. Claudette proceeded to make a grab for my nut-sack so I took a chunk of ice out of the freezer and chased her around and finally managed to get it down her back. She had a jacket on and couldn’t get at the ice to remove it. I took off out the back door and came home to write this. In a minute I’m going back over to the party. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m leaving for Saint John at 8am. Somebody feed my cat, hey Dexter, feed my cat while I’m gone. This post brought to you by Appleton Rum.