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All I did yesterday was walk around downtown with my video camera going “My god! It would suck to be at work right now! Imagine those suckers who are stuck inside at a desk right now! I have to go to work tonight, and even that kind of sucks! Wow! I wish I never had to work again!”

I may never be wealthy, but at least I will be rich in sunshiney afternoons. Plus I own some wicked toys. God I love technology. Technology in the hands of the masses! The revolution has now begun.

Colour TV is playing at the Attic on Saturday night. We are last-minute additions, opening for a band called Shyne Factory. If you don’t show up, our audience will consist entirely of scantily-clad women smoking cigarettes, Liquor Dome-style. We’re going to burn the place down.

Last night I dreamed that I ordered poutine at a restaurant and it came with chicken in it. The guy apologized and said that normally they charge $17 for poutine with chicken in it, but since it was their mistake, he could let me have the “pouletine” for only $6. In my dream it was the yummiest thing I’d eaten all year. Now I can’t stop thinking about poutine with chicken in it.

I’ve been listening to nothing but old Skinny Puppy all week. Fuck you and your “music.”

11 thoughts on “spring technology

  1. phil, i work at the pizza factory on cornwallis street… we sell chicken poutine for $4.95. come by sometime.

  2. Yeah, I was gonna mention Pizza Factory’s chicken poutine… but only to caution you against it. No offense there, Peek.

  3. “God I love technology.” “Technology in the hands of the masses.” What about your rant on cell phones?

  4. YEAH you hypocrite! OH SNAP! You got FACED, Phil. Arby got you good. ARBY GOT YOU REAL GOOD PHIL! OH SNAP.

    Ok, now let’s get this Arby bitch to make us all sandwiches and curly fries.

  5. Ok, I just had Pizza Factory poutine yesterday, and although I didn’t opt for the chicken (the concept alone still bothers me), it was definitely better than Pizza factory poutine circa eight months ago. No cheese curds, but at least they’ve stopped using those godawful crispy fries. Plus, the raspy-voiced old guy behind the counter had mysteriously become the prettiest girl ever. And they say age ravages. Pshaw.

    I sorta almost wish I hadn’t sold my Skinny Puppy albums. But not that much. They had maybe two well-written songs that I can remember.

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