i quit my job


I gave my notice yesterday. I’m quitting my job at the Marquee Club. If you’re a band coming in to play Hell’s Kitchen, well you can go get mixed by someone else.

6 thoughts on “i quit my job

  1. Why’d you quit?
    If you don’t want to tell me cause youd don’t know me, I understand.

  2. so now you’ll be *really* rich in sunshiney afternoons…

    What will you do for work? you’re still at the studio? will you still teach sound stuff? Did you ever work at the Summer Rock?

  3. Ahhh Yeaa! I’m with you…Just left my position as well. Fuck it….Life’s to short! Congrats!

  4. You go gurl!!! um, I mean Phillip.
    I thought your resignation letter was very professional and diplomatic and I kept wondering to myself, “Does he really mean these things? Was he really happy? Where did he pick up such etiquette and grace? ” see you at the shack.

  5. Congradulations Phillip! It really feels great to be a hobo, doesn’t it?

    You and me have basically switched spots. Now I’M the one working 50 hours a week, and you’re the one lampin it doing whatever you want….

    I hate you.

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