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Swordfight Dot Org Super Fun Quiz!!!

You walk into the kitchen just in time to watch an evil elf scurry across the floor and run between your legs.

He’s about two feet tall and he’s got a mean-spirited grin on his face and a G4 PowerBook tucked under his arm. Whooosh, there he goes!

The elf is running a cracked copy of PhotoShop 7 on his PowerBook and he’s just used it to fuck up your life. You head over to the cupboard and survey the damage:

That little bastard has used PhotoShop to blur out the names of your favourite McCormick spices. God damn!

Your mission is to inspect the photograph and see if you can match up each bottle to the appropriate spice: Dill Weed, Ground Ginger, Italian Seasoning, Mint Leaves, Oregano Leaves.

Man, you’d better sort this all out, or your shit is gonna taste funny.

Post your answers in the comment box, winner gets to cook me dinner, GO!

12 thoughts on “spice quiz

  1. Dammit. Yep, Frizz is right. Oregano Leaves, Italian Seasoning, Mint Leaves, Dill Weed, Ground Ginger. Have fun.

  2. Left to right: Oregano, Italian Seasoning, Mint Leaves, Dill Weed, Ground Ginger. I can satisfy your appetite! 😉

  3. And the winner is… Frizz. The very first entry won. Congratulations!

    Frizz gets to cook me dinner. Except, this being the Internet, for all I know Frizz is some middle-aged dreadlocked hippie dude from Wisconsin.

    Charis wins for flirtiest answer… satisfy my appetite eh… sounds good, except again, there’s that whole hippie in Wisconsin thing.

    Scoopy–quit rolling j’s with my spices.

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