lazy susan

My plan for tonight is to chill out at home and get drunk by myself and I am STOKED.

“Look at this,” said Scoopy, who’d already had a few himself. “You’ve got this going on, you’re drinking gin-and-ginger-ale and grapefruit juice, all at the same time.” (I was also eating a peanut-butter-and-chocolate-chip sandwich, and some salt & vinegar chips.) “You’ve got the whole rotation thing happening.”

“Man,” I said, “What we really need in this house, is one of those whatchacallits…” Twirling my finger in a circle.

We both said it at the same time: “LAZY SUSANS.”

6 thoughts on “lazy susan

  1. wow, I wish I was like Susan! I’d be all covered in chips and chocolate
    Do you think that, then, people would like me, ya know, if I was lazy?
    wait, I gotta think about this one.
    Hmmm, see ya round!

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