heading home

Snowed in in New Brunswick, it’s been days since I’ve spoken to anyone I wasn’t related to. Heading back today up the Mackay highway. Highlights:

MOM: Would you like a drink of pop?
ME: No, thanks, I’m not really much of a pop drinker.
MOM: We have some Sussex ginger ale…
ME: Ginger ale is pop, Ma.

MOM: Where’s your coat? You need to have more on than that.
ME: Are you calling me a moron?

If you’re feeling adventurous, A/V is playing Fredericton tomorrow with Das Radiom and there’s room for a passenger. Das Radio are doing a reunion show, they were one of the coolest NB bands, sort of like a cross between Fugazi and The Faint. There were over 200 people at the Saint John show last week. SHould be dope. I’m on dialup and Mom’s yelling for the phone so bye.

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