Dear Marcella

Dear Marcella,

How are you? I am fine. I need your help. I need you to get me out of this place. The doctor who’s been assigned to my case is a real phony. He should be in this bed instead of me. Somebody told me he used to be a Mental Patient. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t trust any of the nurses. There’s this one nurse. I call her The Bug because of her glasses. She bugs me. I’m sleepy all the time. They are trying to drug me, because they want me to be a zombie. I can’t even get hard-ons any more. I don’t get horny. My pee is orange all the time. I don’t know what they are putting in my food. On the weekend, I made it out to the parking lot but The Bug made me come back. Last night I heard a woman screaming. I think they were giving her head an Electro Shock. I am surrounded by evil people. Everyone here is evil, especially Doctor Haines and The Bug. I wish they would leave me alone.

Love, Philip

3 thoughts on “Dear Marcella

  1. Honey,

    Everything is weird since you’ve been gone. The neighbors try to make me divulge your secrets; I tell them that it all ended that late July afternoon they came and took you away. My mother says it was inevitable. I am being strong. I think about you every day but I almost forget hat you look like, so I substitute with the second best and hope I’m doing you justice. I know we are destined to be together again some day.

    At night, I lie under my cold cover and think of your warm hands. I know that you are the man I have always believed in, and will hold out until the end, whatever the cost.


    P.S. send me your mailing address, yo. plus, I need a favor. big time.

  2. 5554 Bloomfield Street
    Halifax NS B3K 1S9

    Does this “favour” involve getting the slightest bit of discipline spanked into you, you incorrigible little tramp?

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