I’m bitchy today. I had put one of my roommates in charge of making sure we don’t run out of oil. Last night we ran out of oil.

I have a history of some pretty good times in this house in the last four or five years. I also have a good history of living with some sketchy little children. Yes I’m cranky right now. Anyway. I am cold and I need a shower.

Scoops called Gerry‘s place to make shower arrangements. He said, “I just had this flash for a second there where I thought, Okay I need to take a shower so I can get ready to go over to Gerry’s to take a shower.”

Just to be clear about the move to NB: I’ll probably still be back in Halifax every couple of weeks or so, so let’s not make too big a deal of it. Think about how many times you’ve seen me in the last two weeks. For most of you, the answer is probably somewhere between zero and one. You’ll see as much of me as you ever did.

I’d like to find somewhere to stay tonight since my house will be an ice-cave. I’ll put you on the guest list at the Seahorse. All you need to do is provide a warm couch. I’d be very grateful. Don’t try any funny stuff.