spinoza tonight

Tonight at Stage Nine: Spinoza, Gilbert Switzer, The KNA. Come down to the club and get your Tuesday night rock on.

I have just learned that Spinoza is the name of a brand of fishing rod. This is just a hint of what my namesake rod is capable of:

“Shall we dance?”

9 thoughts on “spinoza tonight

  1. You can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance well they’re no friends of mine.

  2. When I saw the line “what my namesake rod is capable of,” I thought I was at the wrong phil clark website.
    But really, fish fucking is a new low, phil.

  3. Meghan. You threw your purse up on the stage while I was playing. Was that meant to be a present for me or something? I left it there. Was I supposed to take it? Your purse was still on the stage after you left. I gave it to the bartender.

    Right now “Bloody Pile Of Bones” is my favourite song by any band I’m in. It’s all about striving for what you believe in!

    I’d have to say that was pretty good for a Tuesday.

  4. Damn. There’s so many ridiculous single entendres I could write, I’m having trouble just narrowing it down to one. Just make sure you follow the proper steps protect your rod while in use–there are a few things you definitely do not want to catch!


    ps – love that t-shirt you were wearing on Saturday. I hope to write a song called “Philip is a Mean Dog” sometime soon.

  5. hahaha thats the best. well not really, but I tend to overindulge and have been known to leave things everywhere (or get in a scrap) and even I have to laugh at the sheer stupidity. I shall retrieve it this evening, thanks!
    It’s not like there was any money in it.

    I’d like to play with Spinoza again.

  6. Tell me more about the Spinoiza brand fishing rods?

    Did Spinoza make bamboo fly rods?

    If so when and where?

    They seem to be featured in fishing stories by John Taintor Foote as in “A Wedding Gift” written in 1923.

    Thank you.

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