10 thoughts on “into the sunset

  1. hey lardass, i finally have the net at my disposal again. love the squirrel goes really well with the rug.

  2. hey… don’t get mad at me. it was an accident i swear. that squirrel was jumping up and down on the windowsill, when he fell off and landed on his head. is it my fault if squirrels are clumsy?

    i can assure you, he died a very quick and painless death. aside from a little twitching.

  3. If there’s that much of the squirrel left, it sounds like what you found in the pot o’ gold box actually rhymes with “melletrun.”
    Anyways, anyone living in the woods needs a varmint gun. If you’re a farmer with a registered rifle, I think you actually are allowed to leave one lying around loaded – in case the squirrel is attacking your cattle.

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