dead drunk

Look, I really hate having to be the one to bring this up, but your friends and I are seriously getting a little concerned with your drinking. I mean it’s one thing when you’re running around and banging into walls, but it’s pretty bad when you start spazzing out and puking and you have to be carried out of the party. We’re just worried. One of these days, you’re going to trip and fall and on the way down your head is going to collide with a golf club.

10 thoughts on “dead drunk

  1. I give up….
    whatever comment I try to make in regards to Paulie or Sal up there is deemed unsuitable – which I can hardly believe since it is YOUR site!
    Here’s hoping your isolation doesn’t cause us to see an entire calendar at years end of different sqirrels past on in various outfits and situations. heh heh…actually…sick as that is…..
    – sexy lady

  2. buddy love killing squirrels.

    keep up the good work phil. you moving to the country has been the most engaging read the swordfight has seen yet in 2005.

  3. Listen. This is enough. I think it’s just a stuffed squirrel and you’re placing it all over the place, like those gnomes. Did I spell that correctly? Pictures can lie.

    And your birthday is coming up. I know these things.

  4. you seem lonely. with a dead squirrel.
    that said, it’s fantastic reading/viewing. suggests the following:
    .22 rimfire
    pellet gun
    ammonium triiodide

    They never thought of a golf club.

  5. This squirrel is cute. You all suck. Look at his cute little nose and his coloring. He’s rustic. God is gonna whack you upside the head. I once saved a damn wasp from drowning in red wine. And you? What do you do?…you give the frickin squirrel alcohol poisoning.


  6. seriously, squirrels are just rodent vermin with fur and slightly more personality. They’re dirty and given the opportunity, they’ll gnaw right though your boots or lunge for the face. bring on the death – i only oppose the cutesy names – they should be called varmint bitch no 1 and varmint bitch no 2.

  7. Ahahahaha. Goddamn, you are so funny. Love the pic. And the “concerned letter”. Heehee. I’ve been relating your squirrel adventures to my friends and loved ones. They think it is a hoot, as do I. As my sister said, “Only Philip could make a squirrel infestation funny.”

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