Barton Road

Welcome to Barton Road.

Population: one.

I’ll be in Halifax on Tuesday night. Air Traffic Control are playing a set at Tribeca at 10pm. It’s a release party for this new video game that the boys contributed a song to.

I’ve been informed that it’s a private party “for the production team, EA faculty and media.” Guess this means I shouldn’t tell all my friends to show up at 9:45 in a big drunken lump. Although that could be fun.

I suppose I’ll have to iron my pants to go play at Tribeca. I’ll put on some deodorant. Wax my moustache. I bet there’ll be lots of good food. I hope so. Rock makes me hungry.

Then on Wednesday morning I’m gonna turn around and head right back to the country.

4 thoughts on “Barton Road

  1. i so hope i never have to see you with a moustache. I have a feeling you’ll look like my father…gag

  2. I’ve seen him. When he was dressed up as Dad for Hallowe’en one year. He looked like a dad. I don’t know if he looked like your dad. Apparently some girls are into that kind of thing though. I seem to recall that apart from a complete system failure for A/V it was a good night for old Philip. And by “old” I mean Happy Birthday.


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