I dreamed they were making a movie and I was a consultant.

“Stand up straight,” I said. “Shoulders back. The hat should be more on the back of your head than on top of it. Hold the gin and tonic in your right hand. Hold it up. Bend your right arm so that your elbow rests against your hip. Now put your left arm across your stomach, that’s good. You can sway your hips back and forth a little–gently now. Tilt your head. Always the slight tilt to the head. Squint your eyes a little bit. You’re the tallest girl in the room and you’re looking at things, observing. You’re standing on the sidelines and you notice things that other people don’t notice, but you’re also the centre of attention, because you’re sexier than everybody else. Now smile,” I said. “Big smile. Bigger.”

I stood back and looked for a moment.

“You don’t have her smile,” I said. “But no one does.”

4 thoughts on “consultant

  1. to k., if you should happen to read this–if a smile is a secret, then you are one who shared it–except it is an open secret.

  2. I love it when you speak to me without useing words. That look that cracks a smile and stretches the skin opening up the mouth and exposing teeth, carnage, & our joy in the silence, the secret that is as open as our desires.

    It’s the electricity, the life in you that makes your smiles so huge and encompassing… I’m smiling now just thinking about you…

    Mmmmm Sweet Philip!

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