People have been emailing me to ask if I killed that turtle. The cause of its death was left ambiguous because I didn’t think it was really necessary to spell out how it died. Here’s a clue: it was a TURTLE and it was crossing a HIGHWAY.

The first of the two turtles either made it or changed his mind because I went back later and did not find him smeared across the pavement.

I’m performing as A/V at a rockin’ dance party in Montreal on Saturday evening. I will post details when I get them.

Contrived are playing in Fredericton tonight and I just clued in so I’m going to hop in my car and xfucking GOx !

4 thoughts on “turtle-icious

  1. Just imagine. You’re chillin’, hanging out, standing around holding a walnut when all of a sudden someone pulls your HEAD right off your BODY.

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