sitting still but still moving

I’m at Tobin and Faith’s art space, up on the third floor, looking down on St. Laurent. I’m looking down at Thai 2 Go right now. You know the place? You know where I am? Yeah, that’s where I am.

On Faith’s powerful PowerBook with wireless internet that seeps up from the floors and buzzes around to burn my ears. If you’re in Montreal and you’re reading this give a shout-out in the comments box.

Drove ten hours from Moncton this afternoon and I could drive ten more right now if there were another, even more magical Montreal a little ways north of here.

The drive was smooth and pleasantly uneventful. The only real moment of excitement on the trip was when I pumped approximately twenty-seven cents worth of gasoline onto my right shoe.

All the cassettes have dried out, I am happy to relate, and play in my tape deck as well as they ever did.

Passing a truck just outside Edmundston: “Looks like you had a little nap.”

“Yeah, wow,” said Virgil. He shook his head and stretched out in the front seat. “I conked right out.”

“Yeah, that’s cool,” I said. “I had a little nap too.”

Honk! Honk!

I’ll tell you where the party is. You’ll be wandering around on St. Laurent on Saturday afternoon, weather permitting. So will I and everyone else. There’s an internet cafe with the word “virus” written across the front. Right beside it is a door with a machine gun painted on it. 3676 St. Laurent. Up all those stairs to the top.

It will be open Saturday from noon to 7pm for all the artists and fashion designers hawking their wares. Then starting at 7, David from Indie Dance Night is going to DJ. I’m going to perform a set of new wave electro synth art-party madness sometime around 9. I’ve never performed in Montreal as A/V before and I’m stoked.

It’s raining and it feels like this city is waiting for me to go downstairs and slap some sense into it.

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