sussex the cat

I’m on the computer at North Street South. Holy shit I loved playing rock music last night. I busted out my new dance. I did not get punched in the face. We played well. I have a little bit of rock’n’roll whiplash. It’s a good kind of hurt.

I am about to [I hope] go get my car from the parking lot with all the “Don’t park here we’ll tow you” signs. Then I’ll probably wander around downtown in the rain for a few hours while I wait to get into the Attic to pick up gear. I was hoping for someone to suggest something fun to do in Halifax tonight, but it’s grey and depressing here today and I think I might just bust out back to the country.

When I get home I’ll post a picture of the cat that slept on my stomach last night. I named him “Sussex,” as in Sussex golden ginger ale.

3 thoughts on “sussex the cat

  1. ummmm, I couldn’t go to the show, I had friends showing up at the party. I went to bach’s at 4 and 4:20. You were not there. stay tonight so i can see you.

  2. too bad i missed you. at 4pm i was up the street at scotia tire, my car was in the garage because my tire had a hole in it. at 4:45 i was eating a delicious meal of mandoo. probably only missed you by a couple minutes.

    the attic was great.. i showed up at the party afterward but it was 4am and there was no party.

    come to the attic tonight, we should try to get mark and gerry out and have a meeting of the board.

  3. i loved the new dance philip. made me smile. step on my feet again, next time you see me.

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