the imperial staircase

breaking news

A/V will perform at The Attic tonight, Saturday July 2nd, filling in for a band that cancelled.

Dog Day are playing too far as I know.

Instant dance party, just add you.

I was happy to leave Halifax today, and I’m happy to be driving right back tomorrow. It all works out.

Before I go to sleep let me tell you about my new dance. It’s called the Imperial Staircase. I guess the easiest way to explain it is, pretend your shoulders are a pair of feet. Then pretend they are walking down some stairs in time with the music. Boof, boof, boof, boof. And now back up the stairs. Boof, boof, boof, boof.

It’s a very simple dance and you can pull it off while playing rock’n’roll guitar which you can’t easily do with “We’re Number One.”

Eben had a few new variations on the “We’re Number One” dance last week at the party in Gerry‘s driveway. He never imitates only innovates.

2 thoughts on “the imperial staircase

  1. Ahahaha… holy Christ when I saw there was a link I freaked out and thought you’d gotten pictures of that.

    I’ll be at yr show. You should come to ours!

  2. I’d like to leave in time to catch some of the show at 1world. Although this afternoon I’m driving to Minto to hang out with my grandparents at Minto Fun Days.

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