street sense

People often ask me what I do all day out in the country by myself. Well… lots of stuff. Yesterday for example, I schooled butterflies in getting down:

~ [3.6MB QuickTime]

I’ve got 40 versions, all dying to get the part.

9 thoughts on “street sense

  1. Personally… and I’m not sure why … but I think the red dress and straw hat suits you. Not every man can pull that off. ( or would want to )
    Well done.

  2. I don’t know why, but I really like seeing men dance. I’m a lumberjack fan myself, but the dress does work for ya.

    And was that a Commodore 64? Ah, memories.

    P.S. If you should decide to make clothing optional videos please let me know – I got women friends who would be happy to be artistically enlightened.

  3. Wow. Glad to have found your very poetic video through the vlog list. Keep makin’ vids, countryboy! Love what you’re doing in this on so many levels.

    Can I include this in the next issue of a poetry magazine for which I am multimedia editor? The zine is The Hold.

    Fantastic, and welcome to the vlogosphere.


  4. woa! you so have to wear that to ottawa as A/V. Its totally rad! btw, been trying to call you with show details. answer the god damn phone lardass!

  5. so thats what they do on regular days in atlantic canada… dang. last time i was in pei and nb i missed that.

  6. Your vid’s up at The Hold – hope you like it and that it gets an amazing response. We’re now up to 94 subscribers so it’ll get seen. Keep making movies!

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