“Let’s pretend you have one leg for the rest of the weekend. And you’re blind. Oh I’m glad I invited my friend John here for the weekend. Pretend you have one leg and you’re blind and you’re in excruciating pain.”

My friend John came out to the country to visit for a few days. He showed up at my house with a ProTools rig and sixty bucks worth of meat. We’ve been swimming a lot. I apologize to you if you came to my house and we didn’t go swimming in the river. My river’s awesome.

For a hermit I’ve been awfully sociable lately. I’ve probably only been all alone a day or two out of the past few weeks. ‘Sallright.

John bought us cans of this stuff called Full Throttle, an energy drink. I don’t normally partake of such things so we fired up the DV camera and made this video of me going full throttle in more ways than one.

[16MB QuickTime]

Music by Spinoza.

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  1. OMG!!! Hilarious! Anyway, I just found your vlog today and realized you are from New Brunswick. I grew up in Rothesday (outside of Saint John), but now live in North Carolina. I just posted one today with scenes from NB since we spent a month of the summer there. Anyway, great site!

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