It was a typical day in Gaspereau Forks. A late Saturday afternoon much like any other. Just sitting around the homestead, watching the sun go down, enjoying a couple of Full Throttles.

When all of a sudden… here comes trouble!
[5.4MB QuickTime]

– John Born
– Philip Clark
– James MacGregor
…as themselves

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  1. We got there just ahead of the clouds, and the wind. The rain later was freezing, but it proved to be crucial in softening up the banana split supper. I’m still cramped, and I’m coming down bad from all that sugar. Gaspereau Forks has so much to offer!

  2. weird. i finally get to a computer where your videos can actually be viewed, except it doesn’t have sound. have you ever tried to watch your videos without sound? it could be fun to dub over with what i imagine you say…

  3. I came to this site before, and bookmarked it to return, but it just sorta got lost, until recently, and now glad I came back. Good to see some more playful wit running around up north.

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