broken hard drive II

I called the computer store.

“Hi, I was in a few weeks ago to get a hard drive replaced on my iBook… but now it seems like the new hard drive is doing all the things the old one did just before it died.”

“Well from the sound of things you’ve got another broken hard drive!” the guy said. “Silly, silly computers.”

“Umm, OK… so does that happen often, that they just fail right away like that?”

“Oh yeahhhh,” he said. “Oh yeah. Yep. Happens all the time.”

So I gotta send my iBook away again. Probably be a week or ten days. You can keep checking this site for updates, or you can join the twenty-first century and download FireAnt. Subscribe to the swordfight feed and have all my new videos magically appear on your desktop as they are created.

Answer the phone suckas.