I’ve been chosen as Vlogger Of The Week over at Thanks and much love to Bre Pettis and We Are The Media.

I’m back from travelling, my iBook has been repaired and I’m ready to dive back in. I’m going to post a video every day for the rest of the week or you can nail my fingers to a dead giraffe.

Hunting season has arrived in New Brunswick. My uncle left his hunting canoe here so I’ve been spending lots of time paddling up and down the river. I doubt if I’ll be shooting anything, but I love having this watercraft and I love having the Salmon River for a backyard.

I was out on the water with my videocamera when the autumn equinox arrived.

The days are getting shorter. The light dims quickly in the late afternoon after the magic hour of sunset. Colours become dark and desaturated. It can be tricky to make out what’s happening around you.

There’s definitely something strange going on, down on the river at twilight… but you should be able to figure out what it is without too much trouble.
[3.1MB QuickTime Player required]

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