T.P. tag

Now here’s a new videoblogging game we call “TP tag.” I got the first round, and then I’m gonna pass it off to Brett from etherworks.ca.

Let’s see if we can roll this baby right across the country.

[1.8MB QuickTime]

music: “T-P tag theme song” by 9Volt Sound System (aka me).


Thanks to Gabe at xolo.tv for the button and the knowledge of the one-click subscription to FireAnt.

If you don’t have FireAnt yet, download it here and then whack that orange button to get fed a big pile of Swordfight.

6 thoughts on “T.P. tag

  1. Heard you on CKDU last nite @ 5:45. They aired some of your remarks on vidblogs at the Montreal Festival. You’ll be glad to know you followed …. Fabio…. and Gene Simmons !

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