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  1. Bwahahaha. Oh man, I wish I had a camera like yours. Maybe that’ll be my x-mas present to myself. Phil, that was great, I needed that belly laugh.

  2. Great stuff, excellent editing and good use of music.

    I’m a student at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia and I’m working on a research project exploring what motivates people to video blog. I would very much appreciate it if you could help me with my primary research by answering the following questions

    * What motivates you to create your video blog?
    * Who do you think your audience is?
    * What do you think is the future of video blogging?

    If possible please post your answers as a comment on my blog: http://dazed.adc.rmit.edu.au/~s3049227/blog/?p=165

    Or alternatively you can email me: s3049227ATstudentDOTrmitDOTeduDOTau

    Thank you for your assistance,
    Andrew McLauchlan

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