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It’s been a month-and-a-half since I posted a video. I fell a little bit out of the videoblogging loop for a while. Turns out November was Remix Month over at We Are The Media. They’re having a big remix showdown, which ends today.

I figured it would be silly of me not to at least try to enter… so even though I should’ve been practising for the show tomorrow I spent the evening cutting up clips with my new toy, QuickTime Pro.

[you need a quicktime player]

Having plunked down the $40 for QT Pro I might as well get my money’s worth so I’ll probably be getting back into the video stuff in December.

Dec. 5 ’05:
I’m on dialup so there’s a limit to how many videos I can download. When Jan and Randy came to visit on the Road Node tour, Randy was kind enough to leave me a great big DVD full of videobloggage. Hundreds of videos. So when I went to make the remix, I popped Randy’s disc into my iBook and started dragging QuickTimes off the disc pretty much at random. There were also one or two videos already sitting on my desktop. And that’s what I made this video out of.

Thing is, all the files on Randy’s vlog disc have file names that are about 20 characters long and consist of a bunch of random letters and numbers. Must be some secret code that only Randy understands. There’s no way I can tell what the original file names were, and some videos don’t list a URL in the actual movie. So unfortunately I’m unable to provide direct links back to the original blog entries as I would prefer to do.

But anyway these are the talented hardworking folks whose videos went straight into the blender, now I wantchyall to pay close attention or it might go by ya: Josh Leo, Crash Test Kitchen, Big Time Television, 29 Fragile Days, Missing Kitten TV, Scratch Video, Hot Action [nsfw], Faux Press, Richard Show, let’s see, I think we got some Phil Hamilton in there, Richard BF gets pwn3d by r0b0t5, rboom.com represents, tip of the hat to Michael and Ryanne of Maximilian with the spyhole, I sampled some Bottom Union but musta forgot to put it in there, Clark ov Saturn oh yeah baby, and the whole thing wraps up with Gabe Mac who’s not taking any guff from the Man and neither should you.

A lot of links for 53 seconds but all it did was whet my appetite for more remixing. If you’re into electronic music you might be familiar with a genre known as “microhouse.” I’m calling this video a “microvlog” due to its use of a lot of short samples arranged in a rhythmic fashion. There will be more microvlogs.

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