i wanna be sedated

I’m at the One World Cafe on wireless internet. This is cool!

It was so friggin foggy and rainy on the drive into Halifax. Everything on every radio station was crap. As I approached Truro they were playing The Ramones on Q104. So I tuned into the Q for a while.

I followed the taillights of the car in front of me down a misty corridor. Driving and driving through the rain.

That’s strange. The radio station is starting to cut out. You’d think Q104 would start to come in more clearly as I approached… closer to Halifax…

“Happy Magic Fun Park.” Huh. Wait a minute–“New Glasgow 10km”?

Ohhh shit. Have you ever driven through Nova Scotia? Ever seen a sign that says “Exit 15–Only Exit to Truro and Halifax”? Well… apparently I didn’t see it. I must’ve driven fifty kilometers in the wrong direction before I clued in.

I had a reason for wanting to arrive in town early, which needn’t concern us on this particular website, but instead I went straight to the cafe and loaded in my gear. Life is wacky.

After the show I took a walk around the old neighbourhood. That was probably not a wise move. Freezing rain and ice pellets pelted my face–“pain rain” we used to call it. My optimism of the previous day was somewhat muted–on every street corner I was reminded by nothing other than why I had to leave Halifax in the first place. If not for the fact that all my gear was stashed in the cafe I probably would’ve gotten in my car and driven away.

But the A/V science is still all set up and ready to go at One World, as I have been invited to throw down some sounds again tonight after 12. Probably a very different sort of set. I just want to tuck myself away in the corner and play some burbly downtempo electro beats, no rolling around on the floor, unless someone else starts it.

Last night I slept in a room with four electric basses hanging on the wall and an upright bass in the corner. There was enough residual 40Hz in the room to soothe me into unconsciousness.

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  1. That’s funny that you missed the exit because two cars that some of my friends were driving did the same thing the other night. I didn’t know it was such a sneeky exit. Are you back home?


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