Almost three weeks ago, I took a drive up Route 10 to visit my grandparents in New Zion. Along the way I shot a little video clip with my HP still camera. I came home the next day, doodled up some music in GarageBand and uploaded the video.

I never posted it because I was writing some text to go with it and it turned into a big mental block. I hardly ever write about my family, even though they’re a big part of why I moved back here. They don’t read this blog and I prefer it that way.

I want to get on with the business of having a website where I write all the time about silly things. So without further explanation here is the video I shot. You won’t understand it but you might be able to feel it.

In the meantime I’ve been writing every day over at http://deathhotel.com.


4 thoughts on “swordfight-trainstop.mov

  1. wow. haven’t felt like this since i synced up “Meeting in the Aisle” Radiohead, with a clip from Fun and Fancy Free.
    The train light flashing back & forth with the melody, the percussion– sorry, the train. (it sounded perfect.)
    The final cymbal as the moment ends.
    tres bien.

  2. I have a deep attraction to all things train.
    the tracks, the ties, the rhythms, the pegs, the cars, and
    one I’m sure you’ll understand and agree with, the caboose!

    The train and it’s tracks are ripe with magical imagery.

  3. to all those commenting on the magic and romance of trains: you wouldn’t be saying that if you lived so close to the tracks that your bed shakes (and not in the good way either!) as the trains roar past, loudly blowing their whistles, several times a night…….

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