charlottetown ECMA weekend ’06

I’m at the Downtown Diner in Charlottetown. I take the stage at the Arts Guild in about two hours. It’s East Coast Music Awards weekend, I’m playing three shows altogether.

Last time I was in Charlottetown was two years ago this month. Bittersweet memories because that time it was a road trip with Claudette and Robin.

I just went for a little walk and visited the street corner at the corner of Grafton and University, across from the statue. That was where I set up my synth and drum machine and jammed out some sound in the middle of the afternoon. Claudette videotaped and Robin wandered around taking pictures. Robin was always pretty camera-shy but I’ve got a few frames of her on video.

The picture she took

A crazy-looking old guy came up to me while I was playing and said “You got more cords than enough” and I just saw that same guy on the street half an hour ago.

Arts Guild tonight should be good as long as I am good.

Deep breath, deep breath. Charlottetown.

Tomorrow I’m playing all-ages someplace, I don’t know where, then Saturday at Hunter’s Alehouse. I just walked by the place and I dropped in and the sound tech was piling up bins and speakers from the floor to the ceiling. I love sonic power. OK that’s it for now.


5 thoughts on “charlottetown ECMA weekend ’06

  1. “He stole my books. My favorite books. And sold them for drugs.”
    The b*st*rd.
    I like how Claudette paints with words.
    And how Robin exposed your corona, what isn’t normally seen. The photo reminded me of an eclipse.

  2. Just saw you last night at the nocase! You were phenomenal. I’m so not lying about you needing to come to Toronto. You really should.

    So glad I got to see you and some really awesome music this weekend.

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