i break things.

Forty bucks. Gasoline or groceries? Chipman has a free food bank, but it doesn’t have a free gas bank and my science needs to see a doctor. So here I am in Fredericton. I’m sitting in the lobby of the Fredville computer store. The computer that I got for free in December to replace the one that kept breaking down, has broken down. The problem has not been described any more specifically than “critical hardware failure.”

So it looks like I might be offline for a while. Phone me up sometime, I’ll just be chillin at home. Zzzz.

Couple shows coming up, playing at Memorial Hall in Fredericton on Friday evening. Details at ink structure. I don’t even completely know what this event is supposed to be. Apparently I was going to do a ‘multimedia explosion’ although that won’t happen now that I’m without my multimedia machine. I guess I’ll just have to bring some A/V style party beats. That’s as arty as I’m gonna get this Friday.

Then on Saturday I’m going to Halifax to open for Rammer. I’m so stoked for this. March 18 is my birthday. I was planning on busting out the first ever A/V thrash metal set. Shit. Without my laptop I can’t save my current beats to make room for new ones. I guess I’ll just have to bring some A/V style party beats. That’s as metal as I’m gonna get this Saturday.

Tomorrow my car goes in the garage so I might be without wheels or internet for a while, again, living the full-on hermit hideaway as winter winds down in Gaspereau Forks.

see ya whenever xo

6 thoughts on “i break things.

  1. Aaaw geez Phil. I neglect my online haunts for a while, and this happens. I hope everything works out okay for you. Here’s hoping your troubles will soon be over. And yeah, I agree with your brother. You are living a life that many people would want. (But right now you are going through a hard time, is all.) Going up on stage, singing your lungs out, making music, having fun. From what I’ve read of your stuff, (and seen from the vids, and heard from the music) – you are a man who knows how to have FUN. And that is awesome. Seriously. “Sweater on a Dog” – I fucking love that video. It makes me laugh every time. And this one, at Reflections, it’s great. I love watching you roll around on stage. Ok, so. Keep warm, take care. Things will turn around soon. – :)

  2. Happy birthday, dude! I know I told you when you came by on Friday, but I think I was too fucked for it to sound genuine. Theoretically, the party should have doubled when you came.

  3. an asshole is the part of your ass where the poop comes out. specific enough?

  4. I will need you to be more specific as to why I should care about the opinion of some anonymous internet coward.

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