I took the television outside and put it in the canoe. The damn unit’s busted. For a while there I could get TFC (Two Fucking Channels) but now my eyes are drowning in static. I paddled out to the middle of the river in the rain and dropped the TV right over the side. I’ve found something better to watch.

Back at the riverbank the canoe went out from under me and I fell face-down in a bunch of water and mud. I stood up on shaky legs and came back in the house. Now I’m a filthy fucking mess. My brain is dirty. What the hell am I going to do?

I’m going to stay out alone in the woods while the world spins and spins and revolves around me. I’m going to live to be 150 and when I die all my sins will be washed away in a lake of funky fire.

OUT DAMN SPOT dot move
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