low blow towing

Last night I parked my car on the street in North End Halifax. When I got up this morning it was gone. I called the cops and they said, “Yeah that’s right, we jacked your shit, asshole.”

They say I was parked in front of a driveway. That’s some bullshit right there. Anyway. I gotta get down to the South End and get my insurance and registration out of the glove compartment and get back to the North End to the cop shop and back down to the South End to reclaim my vehicle and pay a $130 towing charge and a hefty fine besides.

Right now I’m sitting outside the One World Cafe on Agricola Street. I came to the Just Friends brunch for the Pop Explosion but it was too crowded to get in and someone’s cranky because he hasn’t had his breakfast yet.

I did sound last night at the Pavilion for a bunch a bands. The Sour Keys from Waterloo Ontario, they made me a fan. I’m mixing Fucked Up tonight and a bunch of crazy punk bands.

Giselle Numba One was dope. I was enthralled by her musical and vocal talents and relentlessly charming stage presence. Quote: “Subtitle made me this beat but I remixed it, fucker doesn’t know how to make a chorus. Eleven bars, some random shit.”

Every time I come to Halifax my stuff gets ripped off. The cops are never my friends. You may have the law on your side, but you’re still car thieves, dickwads.

One thought on “low blow towing

  1. You know what I say about cops.

    I mean to ask locals if anyone saw Giselle play?

    She is an amazing singer.

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