Hello from Water Street, downtown St. John’s. Charlottetown show was awesome, I love Hunter’s Alehouse and you bunch of hand-clappin’ rowdy Charlottetown party animals. I got an anti-encore. “NO MORE SONGS” everyone yelled. It was a beautiful moment in my musical career. The birthday girl didn’t get that memo and asked me to play some more. Sorry birthday girl. Next year maybe I will play one less song, especially for you.

We threw our gear in the van and hit the road. Nick’s twenty-year-old red Toyota mini-van. The Cherry Chariot. The Crimson Cannonball. Two thirty AM we left.

Forty hours later we arrived in St. John’s. Pissing and shitting rain the whole way. Ferry ride is normally five or six hours. We spent thirteen hours on the boat, sloshing around in the cold dark Atlantic. This was after a six-hour delay. I sat around the ferry terminal for all these hours. Watched a Bruce Willis movie, watched the Johnny Cash movie featuring Reese Witherspoon.

Hey I hear she is single now. I bet I’ll be running into her pretty soon down at the Khyber Club… My God he’s delirious! He thinks he still lives in Halifax!

Nick from The Kettle Black can now say he’s driven from one edge of the country to the other. Except for about 10 metres in Antigonish where the van broke down at the gas pump and we pushed it across the parking lot. Antigonish was a little rough but all told we only lost a couple hours (loose wire to the alternator).

When we realized the ferry was running so late, we got nervous realizing we hadn’t gassed up the van and everything would be closed when we arrived on the island and we would definitely be running out of gas before the first 24-hour station (like, 200km in). But then the ferry took so long that all the gas stations were starting to open up when we finally arrived. So, how about that.

I’m sitting at this cafe when something tells me I should be loading in right now. Playing tonight at The Spur. I might even have a few tonight. Hell it’s St. John’s, sure I’ll have a few tonight.

I just walked up that street, that one street in St. John’s that’s all bars. People were just walking up the middle of the street, surrounding cop cars. Girls were screaming. From a couple blocks away I thought someone was being murdered. It’s anarchy. I walked past a bar and heard someone yell “Just chug it, man!” and then the whole crowd, every person in the bar from the sound of it, started chanting: “CHUG IT! CHUG IT! CHUG IT!”

In the past hour I’ve met two people who said “I came here one time for a visit and then never left.”

In conclusion: