stjohns day2

Hearing some Billy Bragg at the cafe today. It’s a beautiful day in St. John’s but we’re inside while Nick gets his nerd on. I haven’t been missing the Internet, not a bit. What I have been missing is a shower, how long’s it been, what day’s today?

Last night at The Spur was crrrazy. Awesome crowd and rowdiness to a whole new level. I had New Brunswick in the house, girls right up front and dancing and screaming and I think they must have taken a hundred drunken photos. Not only from New Brunswick, from Cumberland Bay, I mean they knew where Gaspereau Forks was. Pleased to see my homegirls party as hard as any Newfoundlander.

I was wearing my Rockets Red Glare t-shirt and Jeremy from Rockets Red Glare showed up. Of all things. He lives here now and I hadn’t seen him in 3 years.

I wound up playing until 3am, yes I did some kind of an encore, I think I ended with something like a 10-minute version of Bar Star 2001 before it was time for the anti-encore and those in the know taking up the chant: “No More Songs.” Then I had some catching up to do in the drinking department. I emptied the bar of tequila (“only a couple shots left, you might as well finish it”). After loading out we went upstairs to find Dan and he was asleep sitting up at the bar, I had to pour a bunch of his drink on his face to get him up and moving.

I met at least 20 people last night. Went to a party after the show, I could hear New Order from a block and half away. It was Out Hud and MSTRKRFT and more rowdiness. Someone jumped on the coffee table and with one kick a dozen bottles went flying. Beer spilled everywhere including all over some stuff that probably shouldn’t get beer spilled on it. People were ripping the stuffing out of the furniture and throwing it around. I saw two boys kiss each other before falling over drunkenly, they were on ecstasy (or were they)?

It was 6am when I finally headed back to the crash pad. I’m staying at Blatch, the punk house. Today we went out for breakfast at The Sprout and it was so good I wished I could’ve taken a picture.

Nick slept in the van and was awakened by the parade.

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