allages@underground cafe

Hey what are you doing this evening? Are you in Fredericton? A/V and The Kettle Black are playing an all-ages show tonight at the Underground Cafe on Charlotte Street.

A/V will be playing first and I’m starting at 8PM sharp.

I’m back home in the country, I have lots of stuff to write about but it’s a beautiful day and I just spent the morning chopping at a beaver dam with an axe in the woods by my house.

The dam is huge. I chop a big rushing watery gap in the dam, and the beavers build it back up overnight.

It’s not like we’re at war or anything. Anyway, there’s no way one person could take apart this dam without some serious machinery, and my efforts are quickly undone. I enjoy it. They enjoy it. They are some busy little doozers.

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