Tonight it’s A/V, HOTSHOTROBOT, Telecommando and Joyless Streets at Stage Nine in Halifax. Beautiful day for a drive in my snazzy cruise-control shifter car. I sold my old Ford Tempo to a junkyard. Good riddance. No more shitty AM radio for me. I’m just going to lean back and relax, listen to Fugazi on this wicked stereo, this thing pretty much drives itself.

I’ve been working on a lot of new music. I’d be happy to have one or two new songs finished and ready to play tonight but instead I have about eight half-finished ones. That’s because I can’t do one song at a time.

I write all the song titles at once, then I write all the basslines at once, then I write all the synthy bits, then the vocal melodies, then I write all the lyrics, and finally I do all the arrangements which is the only part I don’t enjoy as much. I get bogged down on this last step because at home I just jam songs out in a loop over and over for hours. Sometimes I do these sorts of jams live but I have to be really comfortable with the sound system.

Anyway, not this show but probably the next one, bam I’m going to have a whole new set. Since my sequencer can only hold so many tracks I have to delete old stuff to make way for the new stuff. I’ll be wiping out some songs that no one ever requests live, so if there are some older songs that you think I should keep around, be sure and make your requests heard during tonight’s show.

It’s HOTSHOTROBOT’s party but I’m playing last so they can get drunk and make out after they play and hang around the bar while people tell them how rad they are. I wouldn’t mind a bit of this treatment myself, so I sure hope there’s an after-party tonight because by the time I finish my set the lights will be on and the bouncers will be yelling at people (in their charming manner) to “FINISH YOUR DRINKS AND GET THE FUCK OUT.”

In honour of Jen Robot and her band’s CD release tonight I have declared Jen Appreciation Month over at MySpace Top 8. So if you’re a Jen or a Jenny or a Jennifer or some variation thereof, you should get in on it.

I think Jennifer is a beautiful name. My feelings on this matter are well-documented.