ecma weekend 2007

Bus Stop Theatre
2203 Gottingen Street

Fri, Feb 16 $7.00 cover
11:15-12:00 Great Plains
10:30-11:15 Museum Pieces
10:00-10:30 Shotgun & Jaybird
9:30-10:00 A/V

It’s a short set, barely a taste. But tonight I’m gonna rock it (tonight). The Squid will be in full effect.

I’m in Halifax all weekend, playing this show this evening and also making an appearance at Gus’s Pub on Sunday. You should call me on my shiny new cell-o-phone.

I’ve been a hermit for too long… don’t know if I’m up for all the schmoozy-schmoozing. I’d like to spend the weekend hanging out with a few friends, chillin out and drinking a bucket of tequila. Anyone know someplace where I can park my car and forget about it for a few nights?

Tonight at the Chipman drugstore I saw a handwritten ad for someone who is selling a 357 Magnum, no reasonable offer refused. It made me really want to own a handgun.

The end of everything is merely the start of everything else.

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