Day Four

I am on a cross-Canada tour. A/V is travelling with The Crimson Tides.

Day Four: Montreal. I’m hungover to the point of destruction. That’s the price of free vodka.

Ups and downs. Downs and ups. Yesterday afternoon I was eating from a bag of donuts that the Tides found outside a Tim Hortons. And then last night I found myself having delicious Vietnamese food courtesy of a rock’n’roll meal buyout.

My show in Montreal was cancelled. I ran into Mike Bigelow on St. Catherine street. I wound up doing sound for Holy Fuck at this place called Saints. They were opening for !!!. So doing sound over a big system was fun and then I got to see !!! in Montreal and dance around and hang out with friends and drink a lot of free band booze. I saw some friends, Sebastien from the French band, Rob Sixtoo, Scoops Dujour, Da Ros. Scoops just left for New Orleans. I have a funny video of him. Mike is weed.

Crashed at the Palais Da Ros. Yeah my head hurts. Soon I’m gonna head over to O Patro Vys near St. Denis, possibly I’ll be doing sound for some improvisational evening of dope Montreal musicians. Maybe afterwards I’ll head over to Sixtoo’s party at Zoobizarre. Maybe I’ll fall in a hole.

I’m worried about our van full of gear which is currently sitting undefended in a crack alley somewhere. Van van van. Gear gear gear. Shows shows shows. Tomorrow is 61 Argyle in Ottawa. Come out and party. I’ll be sober probably. What’s the point of drinking? It hurts. Plus nobody can even tell when I’m wasted. I’m always the same.

May 18 is the worst day of the year for me. But that was the best worst day I’ve had in a few years. The secret is just to keep moving. We went from Halifax to Saint John to Fredericton to Montreal. Keep moving. No time to think about anything.

No time to think means no time to write, so bye.