miracle storm

A copy of Canada’s music magazine is sitting on the kitchen table at Friendship Cove.

“‘Plaintive vocals,’” said Graham. “There’s a lot of ‘plaintive vocals’ going on these days. A lot of ‘murky beats.’”

He stood up and headed towards the stairs. “A lot of people are ‘eschewing tradition.’”

I wound up not going to see Dog Day. I had a long bath, time slipped away, it’s a long walk, I don’t feel like going out by myself… plus I have a headache. That’s it, that’s my excuse. My head really does hurt. The truth is, I fear I might just be lame.

I’d been looking forward to taking a nice roadtrip this weekend. The phone rang a few days ago, someone calling for Jack, and it turned out to be none other than Mackenzie, my old roommate and bandmate from Halifax. He mentioned something about taking a bus to his solo shows in Ottawa and Quebec City and I said “Dude. Give me some gas money. I’ll totally drive you.”

That was going to be fun. But then the biggest storm of this winter or of several winters slammed into town on Saturday morning. Apparently there was a ten-car pileup just outside of Montreal, dozens of cars off the road along the highway. I was almost thinking we might try it, but as soon as I went outside and witnessed the whiteout for myself, common sense prevailed and we called off the trip. Shame, really… I’d been looking forward to getting out of town.

Miracle Fortress were jamming downstairs when I opened the door to the roof and stuck my video camera outside. The sound floated up out of the skylights, up into the storm. The roar of the wind probably annihilates all the audio on this post, but it sounded so nice.

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  1. Ha! Just found you on Twitter. Something seemed familiar. A quick search revealed I’ve been here before…

    I’m moving to NB in September as well.

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